I have traveled many times in my life, by plane, by car, by train, by boat, by bike and on my own two feet. But because almost every person in the U.S. who can afford it owns a car we as a country are using much more fossil fuels than we need to. If we used trains and carpooled to stations we would use much less fossil fuels. That’s what Dancing Rabbit is trying to do: we are carpooling to and from train stations, air ports, and car rentals.

     In two weeks my family is going to visit our extended family for Christmas vacation. we will be taking a car because it is less money, but it is not always the best way to go. If you are going a long way, there are advantages to taking the train: you don’t have to pay for any hotels or have to pay for food along the way, but if you use a car you have the advantage of being able bring your own food and if you are traveling alone or have just two of you you can put the seats back and sleep in the car. 

Have you ever played solitaire? well, if you have, then you know that you sometimes play it because no one will do anything with you. That is the sad fact about solitaire and, if you ask me, cars. I am someone who likes to do things when i want to do them, and, when i’m in the car i feel pretty helpless. That is why I would like a train station in Rutledge mo, U.S.A.!


Author: amtrakforrutledge

I am ten years old, and I started this blog to try to get a train station in Rutledge, MO, U.S.A.!

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